Is there an app that will identify bird calls?

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Pamela James
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Is there an app that will identify bird calls?

We are new to this group and to Birds in Backyards.. We have been trying to find an app that will allow us to identify bird calls when we cannot see the bird. Is there such a thing?

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The current phone apps (Morcombe and Pizzey & Knight) both have calls associated with the birds but it would be a slow process. I believe something is being developed overseas but not sure it would yet be helpful with Aussie birds. Bird guides also offer a description of a call.

Good luck


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At this stage I don't know of anything that has been released.

I just went to Tasmania for the first time and used the Birds of Australia App (Morcombes) to recognise certain calls as I had no idea. It helped me a lot and by the end of the 5 days I could tell a number of birds by their call.

Another way is to record it and put it on here, someone will be able to identify it.

Hope this has helped!

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I use the apps: Australian Birds Guide (Gaia Guide) which links to the Xeno Canto site for calls.

Also the Australian Birds Sounds (luminous apps) which has numerous examples.

These combined are good resources for free!

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