How to stop magpies stealing cat food?

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How to stop magpies stealing cat food?

Magpies, currawongs, ravens and parrots all steal the cat food we have. We cannot put the cat food inside as we found out recently our brother is allergic to cats so they stay outside.

We don't have a problem with the birds taking food except the magpies as they seem to do it 24/7 and we constantly have to buy cat food for the cats!

I am also worried that it may be bad for the birds health as I know you're not supposed to feed birds bread etc.

Any tips or tricks for keeping birds especially magpies out of the cat food? Thank you!

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Hi bettsgr.

Like most, if not all, living creatures, Australian Magpies are great opportunists. They’re also rather carnivorous. If you put out cat food & there are Magpies about then you can expect the cat food to be eaten. Even killling the Magpies (& I certainly wouldn’t suggest that you do that) is only likely to result in other Magpies coming in to take their place. I also note that you are sensitive to the well being of birds & the efffect artificial feeing can have on them.

This leads me to the only realistic way of stopping the Magpies eating the cat food. Build an outdoor cat run for your cats so that not only will the Magpies not have access to the cat food but also the local birdlife  will be protected from your cats which, as you would be aware, are extremely efficient wildlife killers - unless they are old & doddery.

The only other suggestion I have is that you gift your cats to someone who can provide them with a cat run to ensure that the local bird & other wildlife is protected. Gifting your cats would also ensure your brother is free of any risk that he might have contact with the cats.

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I agree, the catrun idea is a win win!!

The magpies don't steal your cats food and the cat doesn't steal the birds and other animals life at night or whenever they feel like hunting.

This also ensures the cat doesn't sneak inside and casue your brother ill health.

Everyone wins!

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