Spotted pardalote

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Spotted pardalote

looking for suggestions on keeping them in my backyard

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I have striated pardalotes, several generations use same nest in our shed.

Plenty of info here:

The general tips in BIBY are good and supplying the correct nestboxes is a key I think.


Spotted Pardalote NB

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Spotted Pardalotes are inclined to excavate nest holes in banks of soft earth so if you want to attract this species to your backyard you need to import a goodly pile of earth or sand ensuring that it is free of weed seeds to avoid damage to the natural vegetation of your backyard. As well, encourage your neighbours & local council to establish the indigenous vegetation & other habitat which once existed in your area. Spotted Pardalotes & the insects on which they feed have evolved over many thousands of years together with their natural habitats.

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From the evidence I have seen in Brisbane, they are around and very quick to move in if given soil banks to nest in.

I had rarely seen or heard them at home until my neighbour knocked down the house and rebuilt and they moved straight in. 

My folks had a similar experience when renovating on the Sunshine Coast, but they are in a dense bush setting, not the suburban space that I'm in.


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