Parrot ID please

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Parrot ID please

Parrot ID please 

Saw this guy/gal over a couple of days last week but have been unable to find an ID for it.

Any suggestions?   Sorry for the poor quality, he was a long way from me and heavily back lit

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Re the above shot, some more information that may help,

 * there appears to be some blue colour across his back beneath the wing fold

 * Tall for a parrot, my guess 12-14 inches not including tail

 * Bayside suburb Brisbane

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Hi Avian, thinking young female  or immature Australian King Parrot, can't see the belly to see if there is any other colour. Otherwise could be a domestic escapee. Some google images show colouring including beak similar to that in your photo. As always, happy to stand corrected. And glad you added the extra information, especially location, handy to rule in/out some species.

Dale Huonville, Tasmania

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Agreed - most likely female or immature King Parrot.

I can't think of anything else native in Brissie that looks like that.


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Thank you both for your replies, I would agree you are correct.  The tall, upright elegance of the bird seems to be a characteristic as well.  I have not seen this species in this area previously (perhaps because this bird was perfectly silent) but will keep my eye out in future

Thanks again!

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