A few from today.

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A few from today.

Apologies if there are too many photos here, hard to choose which to post. A couple might get a thread of their own, as I am happy that some deserve that in their own right.

Went to Gagebrook Wetlands (not a popular spot with birders, but I thought worth a look), North of Hobart, Old Beach foreshore walk (just south of Gagebrook), and the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens (could hear lots, but couldn't spot anything exciting). Saw and heard heaps at Gagebrook, some very ordinary photos for the trash bin.

White Faced Heron I think in breeding plumage. Old Beach Foreshore.

White Faced Heron by Dale Watson, on Flickr2Q5A9741 by Dale Watson, on Flickr

Yellow-Throated Honey Eater. Gagebrook Wetlands. First is heavily cropped, the other is out of the camera.

Yellow Throated Honey Eater by Dale Watson, on Flickr

2Q5A9596 by Dale Watson, on Flickr

Galah - Old Beach Forshore walk.

Galah by Dale Watson, on FlickrGalah by Dale Watson, on FlickrGalah by Dale Watson, on Flickr

Pacific Black Duck. Royal Botonical Gardens Lly Pond. The photo is not that great, but I liked the reflections.Reflections by Dale Watson, on Flickr

Alex Rogers
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Haven't seen a yellow-throated honeyeater, thanks for posting

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Thanks Alex a Tassie endemic, so maybe you'll see one when you come later in the year?

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