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Forum functionality Likes and Thanks

I was wondering if it might be possible to add some emoji markers on the forum? 

For example, someone posts a beautiful photo of a bird that really doesn't require any particular comment beyond acknowledging how lovely the photo is and rather than having to post a reply you could just click a 'like' button, so as the poster can at least get a sense of appreciation from forum members that have viewed the post? 

Perhaps a 'thank' button might be good as well. If, for example, you ask a question and forum members reply you could at least quickly acknowledge that you've read the response even if it isn't relevant to reply in turn? 

Not sure if the mechanics of the forum software allow for that but i reckon it would help to foster a sense of community. It's nice to have someone click 'like' or 'thank' on something you've posted, it's good to feel that your imput has been viewed by others even if they don't specifically reply to a post. I know there have been plenty of posts here that i've read but just havent had time to construct a reply to, or really had nothing to add, but nevertheless i wanted the poster to know that i read, or looked at, what they posted and it was cool.

Is that possible, or something others think might be good?  

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Hi pip, great idea, I'd give it the thumbs up, if I could haha.

Sent link to this thread to Holly, guess, we will have to wait and see?

Dale Huonville, Tasmania

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I'd press 'thank' emoji if i could Dale.

Alex Rogers
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I understand and appreciate your intent here. Personally I don't care, its not hard to type "thanks" or "great shot" and I'd always prefer to get that response myself than a clicked button.

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Thanks for the suggestion!


Im not sure that the forum has the functionality but I will enquire with the techs and see what sort of upgrades are possible. The site will be having a rebuild/upgrade sometime next year (not sure when) so will put it on the radar :)




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I know that language is constantly evolving & maybe I'm old fashioned but it seems to me the English language, at least, has suffered so much damage in the last 30 years that it's now become quite dangerous to use the modern version. E.g., will we soon be using emojis to report a threatening situation to emergency services? So I'm with Alex on this. But I guess I can still use olde English to express myself as best I can since I have little understanding of emojis. At least for the time being, anyway. 

Having said all that, I can see where you're coming from pip. With so many demands on our time (thanks, in part, to the advent of computers & the internet) it would certainly be speedy to click on a like symbol to express appreciation. I'd move with the times if only I could keep up. 

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Yeah, i perfectly understand the reticence about emojis. I was an adult in the pre-tech world and i don't particularly like emojis however, i'm a very active member on another (not birding related) forum and there are times when you have 20 minutes to sit down and read through a whole heap of posts and sometimes just being able to click a recognition of a poster's efforts is all that's needed. And it's appreciated. 

It's all a curse really of tech world and diminishing time. I'm easy either way.   

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