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canon 750d lens

Hello everyone! I have a Canon 750d camera which I use mostly as an amator. I am taking some photos with this camera but to be honest I am not an expert of it..exposition, is all too difficult for me...or maybe I am too old for that? I am trying to get better and better and so I would like to buy a lens..could you recommend me anything which will be good for taking photos of birds, butterflies and other insects? I appreciate every tip and go to educate myself more..!

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H Rosalie, not familiar with the 750D, a quick google search says it is compatible with Canon EF and EFS lenses. Make sure you do a compatibility check with YOUR model camera.

As far as a lens goes, it depends on

1. How much you want to spend - you can buy 2nd hand but that can be risky, unless from a retailer.

2. What you will mostly use it for and

3.Whether you want to change lens for different situations.

Cost, you can spend from a few hundred dollars to many thousands to get good glass.

One to consider might be something like a Tamron 18-400mm f/3.5-6.3 Di II VC HLD Lens for Canon EF, which gives some Macro at the shorter end, and a reasonable zoom. Whatever lens you buy, you will always want longer for bird photogaraphy, they are hard to get close to sometimes.

These come in at a bit over $750 on eBay (you can pay more if you want!). I am currently doing an adult Ed course in digital photography, and this lens was recommend to the class by the teacher for people who have a wide range of interests. It's important with anything you buy to read the reviews from some independent websites, as often those in the product listing can be a little setup, in order to promote the product. I haven't bought one at this time. I will list camera gear near the end.

As far as settings go, can I suggest you try in the "P" setting where everything is fully automatic. I often take a photo and base my settings around this for still objects. You can then view your image on the screen and you will also be able to display the "info". Use these settings in other modes. For birds I use "AV" - apperture priority and allow the camera to set the ISO and shutter speed. It's all about letting the correct amount of light through to the sensor. Autofocus is always on for moving objects, there are so many different settings, that would be a book in itself - basically autofocus single point spot focus with tracking turned on (hope all that makes sense). Importantly the longer the lens, the more light will be required to get a half decent photo (aperture priority will use a faster shutter speed and higher ISO).

Very much still a beginner with heaps to learn.

My camera is Canon 7D Mark II, with a Tamron SP 150-600mm f/5-6.3 Di VC USD G2 Lens, camera 2nd hand @1200, lens new off eBay $1400. Very much an amateur, with a keen interest in birds!

Hope I have helped, and not confused you too much.

Goodluck and happy snapping!

Dale Huonville, Tasmania

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