good evening everyone!

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good evening everyone!

Hello everyone! My name is Rosalie, I am a lover of nature and whole environmental things. I am on this forum to learn more about birds and also photography because I am getting into this topic lately. I love taking photos of nature...birds, butterflies, bees, beautiful can our nature be?

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Welcome Rosalie. We are a pretty friendly and helpful bunch round here. Look forward to seeing some of your photos from your part of the country, wherever that may be. 

Please post some of your photos, it's not about who is the best photographer, it's about a few like minded people having fun doing what we like.

Hope you enjoy your time here.

Dale Huonville, Tasmania

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Hi Rosalie. Yes, looking forward to seeing some of your photos, especially your local birds which people often take for granted but may actually be quite exotic for someone living on the other side of the country. 

Anyway, welcome to the forum.

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Welcome, Rosalie. And you're so right about our nature!

Alex Rogers
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Hello and welcome Rosalie! If you are keen on photography, maybe consider joining our Big Year Challenge and posting up your bird photos over the year - we'd love to see them, and its a fun way to participate regularly in the forum. 


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