Some ideas on these please

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Some ideas on these please

All pictures Colac, SW Vic.

The first picture, a bird in the sky: I see these a lot in the afternoon darting back and forth in the air. I presume a swallow chasing insects. Always in groups 20+

The second, a bird on the electric wire. Possibly starling ? Group of eight or ten.

The last two photos, probably aren't of much use, but I am hoping. I have trouble seeing them. About half an hour before sunset they come and perch on the top of a large golden elm tree. Seem to come in waves, and I think there are dozens of them. Really hard to get a photo as they are top of the tree and can only see them from underneath. Hopefully not starlings.

Thanks, and apologies for the terrible pictures.

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Hi Greenthumb.

1. Thinking Welcome Swallow, but a bit hard to tell from that photo, shape and colour looks good but image is a bit blurry when I try to zoom in.

2. Looks good for a Eurasian or Common Starling, possibly immature or non breeding.

3&4 I also think are Starlings, or perhaps Commom or Eurasion Blacknpbird, fledgling or almost fledging, based on the short tail.

Happy as always to be corrected.

Dale Huonville, Tasmania

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Thanks !

Alex Rogers
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Hi GreenThumb - you might also want to look at Tree & Fairy Martin for the swallow you posted above. A bit hard to see in the photos you posted above, but with the Welcome Swallows you can normally see the buff chin/face in flight. I've posted the notes for each of these attached, check them out and see if you can identify them next time you see them. 

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Thanks. I'll keep an eye out and see if I can spot the differences. Thank you.

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Photo 1. I thought Tree Martin at first because of the colouring then when I saw the forked tail I would say Welcome Swallow as the Martins have a square tail

Photo 2. Common Starling

Photos 3 & 4. I agree with Dale with Juvenile Common Blackbird. The short tail, plumpy and that colouring

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Thanks Devster.  I think the starlings have moved on. Re 1, yes Welcome Swallow looks right to me.   Thanks.

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