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And now a few more from today. There have been some reliable sightings of Satin Flycatchers not far from home, so I went for a look. Was not disappointed, scoring another 3 new birds in a very small coastal reserve.

104, Satin Flycather - male 1st then female. Not sure but there appeared to be a few pairs, I sighted at least 2 males independant of each other. The boys were bolder than the girls, who I think are protecting nestlings - babies could be heard, but I was unable to sight a nest from the track, and would never go looking anyway.

Satin Flycatcher male by Dale Watson, on Flickr

Satin Flycather male by Dale Watson, on Flickr

Satin Flycather female by Dale Watson, on Flickr

105. Black-faced Cuckooshrike - complete with a branch just for Dev, a pair of these turned up, and appeared to be harassing the Flycatchers, I guess trying to find nest(s). 2 of the boys chased the Cuckooshrikes away. Again, sorry no photo as I was too entrenched in the drama which was occuring before me.

Black-faced Cuckooshrike by Dale Watson, on Flickr

106. Golden Whistler - boy haven't I tried to get a photo of these, often heard never (before today) have I seen one. Very much an EBC, was high up in the foliage, but clearly identifiable.

Golden Whistler by Dale Watson, on Flickr

Dale Huonville, Tasmania

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Wow, Dale, you are on a roll! Made the century easily, well done. I especially like those Satin Flcatchers! I agree Swamp Harrier, very hard when they are so backlit. 
I hope you enjoy some well earned holiday time.

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Congrats on the 100 Dale!

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Congrats on the century Dale. I love that little Indian Peafowl chick :-). And wow what a privilege to see the Forty Spotted Pardalote and Swift Parrot, that must have been such a great day for you!

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Thank you all, I have had a good year birds wise, otherwise like everyone it has been challenging. Some highlights included travelling to see the Orange Bellied Parrots, Forty Spotted Pardolotte, Swift Parrot and the Azure Kingfisher. Closer to home, some nice birds with the highlight I think the Satin Flycather and Golden Whistler.

Not sure I will come close to the hundred next year, but hey the camera is getting some exercise and I enjoy my time out and about.

I think I am about finished for the year, unless I see something as driving along.

May I take this opportunity to thank everyone for their participation, especially those who have joined in for the first time. Hope you have enjoyed the challenge as much as I have enjoyed your photos.

A special thanks to Karen for keeping the statistics.

Wishing everyone a happy and safe new year. May next year be an easier year to get out and about.

Dale Huonville, Tasmania

Alex Rogers
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Congratulations on the century Dale! You made it just in time, and what a nice Christmas present to get a few new birds. Then I love the new ones - did you take them as your Boxing Day Test? :-) Love the Brown Thornbill - not easy birds to photograph. 

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Thanks Alex. Boxing day found me the Satin Flycatcher and Golden Whistler.

Dale Huonville, Tasmania


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