Stockton Birds

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Stockton Birds

Today I went to Stockton with the Hunter Bird Observers Club for an outing. We went to the Sandspit and then to the Cemetry.
Brown Honeyeater.

Bar-shouldered Dove

Twas a loverly day.

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HI Stevehapp
I have seen the Brown Honeyeaters at the bridge but have not been able to get a shot yet really nice shots.


Good onya Steve, how did you find the outing mate?
I went on sunday with the Mackay bird observers club, took a lot of shots but no keepers.
The morning was informative and fun.

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Two great shots, steve. Those Brown HEs frustrated me in QLD. They wouldn't sit still.... Thanks for sharing.


Melbourne, VIC

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Tassie, i love the outings with the bird club. I always have a great time, any good photos is a bonus!
smee, try along the southern edge of the sandspit between the river and the trees there. They usually hang out there.
thanks george.
I reckon Browns are easier to photograph than yellow-faced. they are hyperactive those little @#$@Q%'s.. :)

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Both good photos Steve.

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Nice sharp pictures, Steve but damned if I know how anyone gets bird shots when marching about with a bird club group - a great social occasion nonetheless! ;)

Regards, "Tark" - Olympus 4/3rds colour

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Nice shots Steve.

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Great shots Steve!Love the toning backgrounds and feather detail. - another good spot for both these birds is that stretch beside HiFert on the other side of the river.

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Great shots - I'll have to look out for the dove. I'd love to go on an outing with the group, but I don't think any of the outings are compatible with school hours. I've been to Stockton though - there were a lot of wattlebirds last time I went

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