A few shots from Cranny

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A few shots from Cranny

Lots of small birds showing off their young today, and a Purple Swamphen showing off its clutch. From top to bottom: White Browed Scrubwren and chick, Eastern Yellow Robin chick, Purple Swamphen and chick, a Purple Swamphens clutch, Red Browed Finches.

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Lovely shots Wampy, thanks for sharing those... don't you just love Spring?

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Nice shots Wampy, especially love the red-browed finches. Curious about your eastern yellow robin chick. I posted this shot a week or so ago and the thought was a sittella. It looks similar to your chick. Would love some other people's thoughts. GregL, Berldo ?

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great shots Wampy- keep em coming!

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Great pic's Wampy

Great time of year for some special pic's. You surly nailed a few there. Love that pic of the White browed Scrubwren.

Not sure Bushbirdnerd; I would guess Robin, i think the feet give it away.

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Thanks everyone, the second photo is definitely an eastern yellow robin chick, it's parent was nearby. It can be very hard to identify the young as they don't have their adult plumage. I'm not too sure about yours bushbirdnerd, might have to give it some more thought.


Looks like that scrubwren has one very demanding chick!

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Good spotting of the young. The top one is really cute

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