Young figbird

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Young figbird

This morning when I went for my walk I saw 3 darling little figbirds on a branch in a casuarina, so I walked back home and got the camera and went back. Luckily one was still there, although it looks a bit bigger than the first ones I saw - not sure if it was one of them

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Very cool. Are you in Sydney? THat's a species I am yet to see locally. Only saw them up the north coast. :)

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Nice shots Birdgirl of a female Figbird. Did you see any males??

Sunshine Coast Queensland

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D'aww look at her and those beautiful mottled breast feathers ? Nice shots, Birdgirl.
@Windhover: figbirds are found all around Sydney suburban parks whereever there is one of those Australian "fig" trees (Moreton Bay Fig etc). Look out for their distinctive call. I saw them in Petersham, Lewisham, Botanic Gardens, Homebush, Fairfield and Camperdown.


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