Yesterday's birds

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Yesterday's birds

Fan-tailed Cuckoo with lunch

One very friendly Cormorant

Rainbow Lorikeet

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Lovely shots Wanda... is Winter the season for fan tailed cuckoos? I have heard of a few being seen lately and I even saw one myself a while ago...I don't know much about cuckoos though.
Love the eye on the Lorikeet...great colour coordination LOL

Sunshine Coast Queensland

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Hi Wanda, I love the shot of the Fan-tailed Cuckoo.Where I live,(east of Melbourne), I hear them call mainly during summer. At the moment they are quiet. There are a few in the bush behind us, I have never seen one come into our garden. Don't know why? Our garden looks just like the bush, something has to be different in their eyes?


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Interesting, Araminta. When we first took up residence on our property there was very little bush around. Our property was mainly exotic grassland. However, we were visited for about 4 summers by both fan-tailed cuckoos & pallid cuckoos. Just 1 or 2 of each. Then our revegetation took off & the cuckoos haven't visited since. I suspect that the vegetation was too thick to be preferred by them as I understand both species, particularly the pallid cuckoo prefer open areas or lightly wooded country. This doesn't explain why I haven't seen this species in the neighbourhood as there are plenty of properties still with mainly open exotic grassland. Do other members care to comment?

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What you are saying Woko, is very interesting, the State Park behind us is rather dense, lots of trees and ferns, and thick vegetation on the ground. We have a mix of bush, just like behind us, and some open paddocks. There has to be an other reason, for not coming onto our property? I'm looking forward to what others think?


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I'm hoping that by mentioning that they no longer come by our place they'll start turning up again!
Oops! There's one now!
Only joking.

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Lovely photos, lorikeets are so colourful they always make a good subject for an interesting photo.

Brisbane QLD

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great close up and feeding shots Wanda. I know that the Cuckoos are only in the Melbourne area during spring and summer and those have been the only times I have seen them.

Cheers, Owen.

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