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new visitor sunshine coast

We've had a new visitor. Unfortunately the photos had to be taken from inside - about 15-20m away and aren't that clear. I've included a link to the photobucket of half a dozen or so photos rather than put up poor pictures on the forum.

The bird was olive green to brown on the back, had pale blue feathers aong the wings and a dark tail

When it flew off it had large white markings on the wings

There appeared to be a purple colouring where the bill joins the head

It was a "chunky" looking bird (if that makes sense) and looke to be about the length of a magpie

Does anyone have some ideas of what it might be?


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It's the dollarbird.

It's name comes from those white markings on the wings.
"chunky" is the perfect description and the purple colouring clinches it. It's bill is large and often orange (that may be a breeding season colouration). Visitors from New Guinea.

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thankyou cupladaze still not sure it is that - from the picks on this site and google. The beak was cream colour - maybe a juvenile??

The universe is my eyes and ears. All else is hearsay.

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A Dollarbird for sure.Appears to be a jev (dull colours, brownish bill. Here's a similar bird taken last March in townsville.


Ed Townsville NQ

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I concur. Dollar bird.


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