Mystery Bird

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Mystery Bird

Hello all!

Can anyone shed some light on the identity of this bird? My workmates can't work it out, and I'm stumped too. We suspect that it's a juvenile (apparently it's quite noisy and is periodically visited by another bird, with treats).

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Oh, and incidentally, it's about the size of a fully-grown magpie - ignoring the length of the tail feathers on both.

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Hey spongepuppy.

I think its a female Koel, they migrate to
Australia in the Summer Months.


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Could be a Juvenile...


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Yes, it is a juvenile female koel. I photographed one just like it in January. See the photo in this thread with the topic 'An interesting visitor'. Sue

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Hi spongepuppy
Your mystery bird is my mystery bird as well, I saw it in my yard arond same time last year, it was smaller and blacker in colour, it was also accompanied by another bird this being a red wattle bird and it also had treats. Both occassions it has landed on the white impatience flower box and seems to be eating the flowers. I will post photo,s when I work this out.


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I would allmost say for sure,it is a Juvenile Koel,and very possibly Female.

Your'e right they are Noisey,Lovely bird though


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Fantastically clear shot of a very secretive bird!

I've been trying to photograph them for ages.

Although the juvenile koels do tend to give themselves away by stumbling through trees when learning to fly.

The treats coming from another bird was actually the parenting by another species.

Koels are cuckoos. They lay their eggs in another species' nest then scarper and leave the other (often wattlebird) to raise the koel chicks.


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Just as a point of interest the Koels around my area (Bundy) commonly use a Pee Wee (Magpie Lark) to raise their young. Nice work spongepuppy.

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