Yowling bird?

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Yowling bird?

I can hear a bird every day which has a call sounding like a yowling, suffering dog. It is not a dog, that's sure but a bird, although I cannot see it.
Can somebody help me what kind of bird it could be?

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Is it a curlew? They sound rather frightful.

Debbie Bray

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I learnt who my mysterious yowling birds are: Rainbow Lorikeets :)
It seems that they may be baby or I should say toddler lorikeets . They come always with their parents.
They are different to other lorikeets based on their behaviour and call and also their eyes are not red yet.

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G'day Alexandra,
Lorikeets are such great 'typical aussie' birds. Rowdy, cheeky and messy!! :^)
If you ever happen to see quite a lot of them in the tree tops, take a closer look through a pair of binoculars and you'll notice some Scaley-breasted Lorikeets, and sometimes even Musk Lorikeets in amongst them.

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Hi Alexandra
Is this on your verandah ?
I was never able to get them near my house.
I enjoyed your Utube link.

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Yes, Kell, it is there.
I am very lucky with birds. We have lots of visitors every day, not only birds but possum as well. A few months ago three bush turkeys (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner) moved to the neighbouring site and sometimes they come to our deck too.
Lorikeets come every day. A bachelor, a couple and a family with two babies are our regular visitors but others come too.

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