Walk at Deep Creek Reserve

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Walk at Deep Creek Reserve

I saw a few birds at the Deep Creek Reserve today which I cannot identify.

The following one was sitting on a branch at the creek:

The next one had a nice call. Not a good picture as the light was not the best, the bird was very far and I have a little camera only (Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ2).

I saw an owl too. Is that a Powerful Owl?

I saw a white bird with very long neck in the Narrabeen lagoon. It was very far so I couldn't identify it. Could it be a white swan? Are white swans in Australia? Or might it have been a simple domestic goose?

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Congrats Alexandra, I'm very jealous. I've never been able to photograph either the Rufuous Night Heron (the bird in the first photo), or an Owl. (I think you may be correct about it being a Powerful Owl).
The last photo is an Egret. Probably a great Egret. A couple of years ago there were some Black swans nesting in the Lagoon near Deep Creek, but I haven't seen them for a bit. I know of a nesting pair resident in Dee Why Lagoon though.
I'm not sure about the 2 birds in the middle though.

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Thank you, Gelmir :)

I saw a Black swan couple in the Lagoon today as well :)

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Thank you, Denis.
I think that was the bird which I saw and heard. The call sounds familiar - as far as it can be after two days.
Nice call - it was nice for me :) I cannot express myself very well yet if I want to describe a call.

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