Is this a Road Runner ?

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Is this a Road Runner ?

These little birds remind me of the Umerican Road Runner.
They never stand still. They are forever running around the Horse Paddocks.
They never appear to run in one direction for very long.
If there is a small mound or bump in the ground they will stop on it, bob their long neck up and down a few times, and off they go again.
I think they eat insects.

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Thanks Denis,
When I toggle between the two Pic's they look the same.
Although mine looks like it is on a diet.
After checking three or four other sites I am certain you are right.
They don't appear to make a sound and I never see more than two close together.
Very seldom do they sit on the fence like this.

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Pic # 3
Theye really have a lovely chest.
This is as close as I have ever gotten.

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G'day Kell,

Take a walk around the fringes of the local golf course, they like to hide in the taller grass. We get plenty of them here, but no-one ever notices them.
This one was on the South side of Long Reef Golf course within about 10 meters of a busy track.

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Sometimes a slow approach in the car will get you close.

Ed Townsville NQ

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Thanks Gelmir and Ed for showing your Pic's.
I am truly amazed at the quality of the Photographs on this site.
When I Google all the birds I am trying to ID,
I realise this Forum BIBY have some really great Pictures and close-ups.
Cheers kell

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