Possible owl call?

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Possible owl call?

Greetings all. This is my first contribution to this wonderful forum.

I heard a strange wheezing call last night (Friday 28/11/08) coming from my garden in inner northeastern suburban Melbourne. I investigated and saw two birds which resembled owls in a medium-sized tree, but only visible in silhouette: no colours or details were distinguishable.

I attempted to identify the wheezing call from recordings on this site and descriptions on this and other sites. The closest I could come was the barn owl, although no white was visible in the birds' plumage. For this reason I thought they might have been masked owls as their plumage can be dark.

Can anyone help identify this strange call? Has anyone else heard anything similar?

I haven't heard anything like this in 11 years in the same suburb. I certainly have heard and seen tawny frogmouths here on occasion, and this sound was nothing like the frogmouth's call.

I surmised that the pair could have been wooing and that the wheezing call might have been part of some kind of mating ritual.

Thanks in advance!


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Possibly begging calls of fledgling Boobook Owls?

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Thanks for your prompt responses, John and Denis!

Yes, the call was very late at night, around 11pm to midnight.

The wheeze was definitely not a 'sigh' - more like someone having a severe asthma attack!

"Possibly begging calls of fledgling Boobook Owls?"
Certainly this is possible although I've never heard such calls so can't say for sure. There was a definite plaintive air to the calls so it could be a youngster begging for food.

Also the one that was calling was hunched up on a branch, rustling its feathers a bit as though in discomfort. The other flew off to another branch and sat watching. It had that slow gliding flight of an owl.

(Initially I had had the mistaken impression that it could be a bat, due to the large dark wings and being active so late at night.)

As for boobook owls, I listened to a recording of their standard call, and I can't say that I've heard them in this area before, although as I said I have definitely heard the monotonous, seemingly endless calling of the Tawny frogmouth, though not in connection with this particular sighting last night.


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