I only know its sound

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I only know its sound

Sorry but I've been hearing it all my life (now 42) and I've never known it.

it sounds a bit like a squeeky chair - about 1 second long bursts whhhhooooeeeet - usually 3 in a row getiing slightly higher pitched. Very clear sound. Always around dusk.

I'm going to have to record it aren't I :D

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I don't know where you are, but the King Parrot has a call which reminds me of a squeaky swing. It could fit your description.
The BiBY site has a call in MP3 format, which includes the squeaky call I am talking about, as well as other harsh lower-toned calls.
Have a listen. It might help.

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Thanks Denis,

Its not as shrill as that one.

Im in suburban Brisbane by the way.

The hunt continues

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That is most definitely it magpie - thanks so much.

I did a google image search & cant say I've ever seen them, they must be secretive.

I did spot this last year - it looks a bit too big, big talons & seemed to be very young (it was trying to take fresh chillies off my plants)


(apologies for the bad pic)

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That is a photo of a juvenile female Koel. It has been the subject of many posts to BIBY. A very interesting bird as the adults are more often heard than seen because they are usually found high up in tall trees.


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