ID's needed from my birdwatching day pls

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ID's needed from my birdwatching day pls

I finally managed to get a few hours to mayself and took the camera down to some bushland still flooded from all the rain we had recently.
I was so excited to see a number of smaller birds that i never see at work or at home.
I will try for ID's but need some help with some

a Lewin's Honeyeater?

a sacred kingfisher?

I couldn't get a better shot but does this look like some kind of wren or would it have been the fantail I later saw?

I have no idea about this one

a red browed finch, a first for me

don't know this one

need help here too

i had a great time only it really showed me that my eyes are no good , as small birds are so hard to see !
rudous fantail?

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Hi Birdie
Just a gentle reminder that localities with your photos always help others work out exactly what species you have got.
Lewin's HE
Kingfisher - definitely not a Sacred. Maybe Forest, maybe Little. I'll leave fine distinction that to the tropical contributors.
A Fairy Wren's tail - judging by the straight line and the little arches on either side. Fantails never get their tails as tightly closed as that.
Next one is a puzzle. Down south I would start with an Olive Whistler, but maybe a northern species of Shrike Thrush????
Red-browed Finch, spot on. Nice photo.
A relative of the White-naped Honeyeater. Once again the locals will be able to say what species in that group. Check distribution maps for species. White skin colour above eye and lack of black mark under chin will determine the answer.
Fantail is not a rufous, but a Grey Fantail, possibly immature, showing a bit of brownish body colour, but still a Grey Fantail. Eye brow line is a give-away. Rufous has white chin and spotted chest.

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1. Lewin's HE
2. Forest KF
3. prop Grey Fantail
4. still trying to identify
5. Red-browed Firetail
6. White-throated HE
7. Grey Fantail

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4. maybe a Little Shrike-thrush?
3. Denis is probably right about the tail

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pretty sure #4 is a Little shrike thrush.Agree with Al on the others. Nice work Birdie.

Ed Townsville NQ

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Hi and thanks everyone for the IDs
Sorry I remembered this morning that I hadn't put a location on them. Sunshine coast Queensland, Buderim to be precise :)
I didn't think it was a sacred but the spots above the eyes were confusing me when I looked at the pics on the ID pages.
The little red brow finch flew down beside me and landed in the long grass while I was focussed on the kingfisher further into the billabong and I got such a shock that I had trouble getting it into shot quickly :) I was delighted that it stayed around long enough to get my best shot of the day.
Thanks again everyone
I am starting to understand just how many small birds we don't see in our backyards.

Sunshine Coast Queensland

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Here in the Adelaide Hills the Red-browed Finches travel around in packs of 5-15. It's not uncommon for me to have a whole gang of them faffing about outside my window.



There is some nice shots there Birdie, well done.

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