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Hi, I think this is a Spinebill? taken at Mount cole near Beaufort. VIC.
Also saw a group of small yellow/olive birds that appeared to be 'dive-bombing'a small pool, there was about 5 or 6 of them, I could only see them through the binoculars as they were a long way below me, and they didn't appear to be catching insects but just taking it in turns to get wet and make a splash, after thier 'turn' they hovered or flew a circuit rather than perching on a rock or a branch. Anyone any ideas as to what they were? difficult without a photo I know but thought maybe someone would have an 'aha' moment from the description of thier activity. Thanks, Hev.

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G'day Heva, it's definetly a spinebill.
Not sure about the other ones. I haven't witnessed that behaviour before, but I have seen Yellow Thornbills in groups of about 5 or 6. They could be Thornbills.

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hi Gelmir, yes could have been Thronbills, right size and colour.... I wonder if that's normal activity for them? It certainly looked like they were having fun... but it was FREEZING!!Hev

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Hi Heva1
I have seen Yellow-faced Honeyeaters taking baths, in pools in bush tracks, as you have described.
They are olive green (in general). Slightly larger than Spinebills, but not that much larger.
When they migrate(in April/May in southern NSW), they trend to exhibit group behaviours which they do not show in their normal habits, in breeding season, when they pair off.

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