channel bills?

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channel bills?

Hi everyone

Would I be hearing channel bills at the moment here?
I have been aware early in the morning of some really sqwarking calls very raucous and not like anything else I've heard locally.
I listened to the ID calls and it sounds like them


Gidday Birdie, yes it is highly likely that you could be hearing them this time of year.

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Hi Birdie,

Yep, I heard my first CBC of the season approximately 1 week ago (at 1am), and I saw a couple today (in Brisbane). They certainly make their presence known, don't they?!


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Hi Birdie, I live on the Northern Rivers NSW and the Channel Bills have just appeared and so have the Dollar Birds.

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Haven't heard any Channel Bills yet this year but the Dollar birds and Koels are here in Bundy. Looking forward to it.

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