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This bird has been clucking around the place and this morning was at it at 4.30am. Here it was joining in the attack and warning of a grey goshawk in a nearby tree
I thought it was a wattle bird but am not sure.


I'm quite sure it's not a wattlebird.

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I think if you adjust the brightness of the photo, it should be Little Wattlebird (can't see the red wattle).



Whoops, my bad, The little white patches just noticable on the tail look characteristic of a little wattlebird's tail.

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Hi Bryan and amateur. thanks for the confirmation. It is indeed a little wattle bird and I was lucky enough to have a really close encounter with it in my garden this morning. I could hear it clucking away in a tree so I snuck out to check it out. As I hid in the bushes it came right down closer to check me out!! We stood having a mutual admiration session for a few minutes and it really is a lovely bird with all its streaking. definitely no red wattles. I was thinking from the call that it was what we used to refer to as just a honeyeater in Perth years ago. After reading up on it I realise that we were right as it is a honeyeater.
I hope it doesn't start up at 4.30 though tomorrow!!
It did a duet with the catbird this morning and i could have wrung both of their necks :'D

Sunshine Coast Queensland

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Enjoy your Little Wattlebird Birdie - we have many in our garden and they are great. Not as agressive as the Red Wattlebirds and shouldn't worry your little birds too much.

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