What bird is it?

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What bird is it?

Hi everyone.. I am trying to I.D a couple of new birds that have been hanging around my garden latley.

I will try to describe it the best i can. Looking at it first it looks similar to the a Bell miner ,except it has a violet/purple breast neck and is Olive green. The legs and beak are very bright orange. The noise they make may be a give away as they sound like Ducks! yes sounds crazy but they make a duck like noise. Very pretty bird to look at. I first thought maybe it was a kind of grass parrot but it does not have a parrot beak. I have noticed them hanging around close to where the Indian M's are nesting.
I hope my description isn't to vague.


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Hello, it might be a Dollarbird. They have a strange duck-like noise. They're very interesting looking.

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Hi Andy...You just read my mind! I was about to log on and add that it maybe a Dollarbird. Yes i'm 100% certain that that's what they are. Thankyou and yes they very interesting to look and listen to.

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