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Hello everyone

I found this place and joined a few days ago. I love it here!
I have always loved birds, and recently my kids became curious about our feathered friends after we saw some birds picking the fluff off our freshly laundered towels hanging on the clothesline (for their nest).
I have just bought a Bird book and some binoculars, the kids enjoy playing with Mums binoculars in the garden...
What a great way to teach them about nature and birds.
We love gardening, and we have a few established trees for the koalas and gradually we are filling up the 3 acre yard with native gardens, a few roses, fruit trees and a vegie patch.
I look forward to learning and sharing my experiences with you all.

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G'day Rose.
By the sounds of it, you have a great yard to view birds in. And the Koalas are a nice added bonus as well.

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Welcome to our forum, ScarletRose :)

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welcome and enjoy. An your right it's a great thing to be able to share wildlife with your kids.

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