Hi from the Central Coast NSW

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Hi from the Central Coast NSW

Hi Everyone,
Thought I should introduce myself. I have a great fascination with the natural world and I particulary adore birds. I look forward to getting to know you all.


1 Laughing Kookaburra
2 Australian Magpie
3 Rainbow Lorikeet
4 Red Wattlebird
5 Green Catbird
6 Pied Currawong
7 Peewee
8 Noisy Minor
9 Grey Butcherbird
10 Eastern Rosella
11 Regent Bowerbird- male
12 Pacific Black Duck
13 Australian Wood Duck
14 Red Browed Finch
15 Brush Turkey
16 Sulphur -crested Cockatoo
17 Black Cockatoo?
18 Red Whiskered Bul Bul
19 Dollarbird
20 Blackfaced Cuckoo-Shrike
21 White Eared Honeyeater
22 Superb Fairy Wren
23 Tawny Frogmouth
24 Sacred Kingfisher
25 Crested Dove
26 Grey Goshawk- once
27 Wonga Wonga Pigeon
28 Australian King–Parrott
29 Spotted Turtle-Dove


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Welcome Pamela :)
That is a wonderful list of birds that you have visiting!


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Hi Holly,
Thanks for your welcome. Oh, there is another bird that I forgot to mention that visits my garden ocassionally. One of my favourite birds the Indian Myna - NOT. When the local pair appear, I just shoo them away and hope they don't come back.

Kind regards

Central Coast NSW

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Hi Pamela
You must have a good size yard with lots trees to see all those birds, Im further up the Hunter valley at Bellbird I have always had an interest in birds but I mainly kept them in aviaries which a lot of people here would frown at, but without some people breeding birds like that, certain birds may become extinct like the gouldian & some other finches.
if you enjoy looking at pics of birds, flowers ect have a look at my blog site.
the pic of myself & son is about 5 or 6 years old my son is now 6ft 3 & im old & grey lol.
I don't have any birds anymore I turned all the aviaries into gardens.
The site takes a while to load as there are a few pics there.
I originally came from the central coast, we moved up here about 20 years ago.
Good luck with watching your birds.

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Hi Pamela,
great range of birds in your backyard,where are you on the coast? I am at Bensville,we have a large block backing onto the national park so are very lucky to get a wide range of birds, many of the ones you listed visit us too.

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Hi Graham and Sharon,
Nice to meet you both.
Yes Graham, I do have a good size yard and a lot of trees. Our land in Erina is zoned 7C which is rural conservation so that probably explains why there are so many different species of birds here. I’m sure there are more that live in the trees behind me but I’m not clever enough to ID a bird from hearing its call or song alone.

I really enjoyed looking at your photos Graham. Your camera picks up a lot of detail and all the beautiful colours. Was that a good lady beetle or a bad lady beetle I saw? I think it was a bad one. I loved all your cute little finches but some of them weren’t in my field guide?

Central Coast NSW

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Hi Pamela I'm also in Erina and see a Gray Goshawk regually :)


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Hi Pamela I tried to post this before but the post part was down.
I am glad you enjoyed my pics, some of those finches are from overseas, the black & red chested finch that came up to me a painted finch he was from the outback of Australia, I use to have lots star finches & parrot finches & painteds, goudians, parsons, ect.
It's a wonder the gouldian finch has survived in the wild, they all have got air sack mites, also there the only finch that has only one set of feathers, they do not have any down feathers & can drop dead so easy if we get a cold snap, it's cold where they come from at night so I don't know how they survive in the wild between the mite & lack of feathers, I must admit there isn't many left, & that is so frustrating as it is one of the most beautiful finches in the world, I thought I would throw the facts in about gouldian finches not a lot people know how close we are to losing them in the wild.
Erina is a nice place I went to high school there, I lived at the Entrance area ever since I was 2, some of my family is still around the area, I would love to move back there but can't to afford to now, if we sold our house it would be no where enough to move back, I miss all the fishing & prawning ect.
That beetle is a good beetle the only bad one I know is the 28 spotted beetle & they are a pain eating my zucchini plants all the time.
I have recently bought a decent camera & a macro lens & zoom lens & a special macro flash, but I haven't used them very much yet.
You are so lucky to live in such a special place.

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