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Hi from Syd

Hi everyone,

i'm just getting back into birding again so re-signed up to the birding-aus mailing list and thought, wouldnt it be great if there was a forum like this? so i had a look around and thought this one looked nice and friendly so here i am.

i've got some videos that i took ages ago that i'd like to get arond to uploading to my google video's and link here...here is one i've done so far (not the best quality im afraid) of some fairy wrens out at Silverton (near Broken Hill (my hometown):


p.s. already know Gelmir from a music forum :)


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Hi Clair, welcome. Hope to see some of your bird pics soon.

Cheers Raoul


Gidday Clair, welcome to the site.
There is not much out near your old home town, I recently took a load from Mackay QLD down to Whyalla and went through a lot of nothing out that way. :)

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Thanks for the welcome guys.

There isnt much out that way to the untrained eye Tas. i think the best part of it is that there is nothing out there.
But, there is plenty of bird life - lots of parrots and tonnes of chirruping wedgebills and different fairy wrens and finches, lots of raptors...There are plenty of awesome looking flora around too - youve just got to look a bit closer. and lets not forget the flys - plenty of them too :)


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G'day Clair,
Good to see you've joined at last.
Can't wait to see more of your video's and piccies. How did you go at Centenial Park the other day?

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thought i saw a golden headed cisticola in the reeds at Centennial park the other day Gelmir, but it couldve been a reed warbler - they certainly were quick. :)
and lots of little pied cormorants making nests, interesting to watch.

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