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New from Río Negro, Argentina

my name is Nicolás and I´ve discovered this page a few days ago, and I suscribe myself because in one year I´m moving with my family to Gold Coast, Queensland, and I want to find information about backyard birds there.
I will post some photos of backyards bird here, so it will be like an information trade.
Well, nothing more to say.
Greeting Nico

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Oh Hi Nico... now I see why your lapwing doesn't show in my bird guide of Australia. Welcome to the forum , no doubt you have very unusual bird over there but you will find plenty of interesting ones here in Queensland too.



Sunshine Coast Queensland


Ahh yes, the tropics of Queensland is a haven for birds. Some of your photos of Argentinian Birds look spectacular, they are absoutely amazing! I wish I could go overseas to experience the different types of bird wildlife, it would be very interesting, hope you enjoy AUS when you come. Cheers.

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Welcome abourd, good to see you getting right into it. The Gold Coast is not a bad spot for a bird watcher and close to a lot of wildlife areas.

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