Hello from the Yarra Valley

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Hello from the Yarra Valley


I am really only somewhat of an amateur ornithologist. Since I was a child, I have had an interest in birds.

I live near the Yarra Ranges forest, so I enjoy sitting in my garden, watching the native birds that visit. From Finches to Parrots or the occasional bird of prey.

Before ill health struck, I would go bushwalking or camping, whenever I could. I loved seeing the different birds native to each place I visited.

I have read Ken Simpson books. I don't belong to any clubs or have a degree in natural history, I simply love birds and have followed my interest, when I can.

That's my intro


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welcome! You have a shorter name? MumGreenwood is sooooooooooo looooooooooooooooooong. :)
You'll find lots of good info here and don't be shy to ask away. :)


Hi there Mum Greenwood, love your part of victoria we drive through there quite often. Hope you enjoy the site looking forward to some pics


By the way i think your tag is lovely.

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Welcome Mum Greenwood,we love the Yarra Valley,live just on the edge of it!I don't have a degree either,(I don't even have a camera), but just like you,"I love birds". All that counts for me! Waiting to hear more from you.


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