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from george.
don't have a camera, i have the shakes and Iam positive the pics would not be nice,it makes my day to look at the great photos from those who share with us.

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Hi George, you are a new poster like me - I agree the photos are wonderful.

"the earth is not only for humans, but for all animals and living things."

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George, I think modern cameras have technology which compensates to some extent for unsteady hands. In any case there are often times when almost any shot is better than none because where it was taken can be really important information which can help with bird conservation. So, if you're keen to take shots & have the wherewithall, feel free.
And welcome.

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Hi George. Any shots are appreciated on this forum so don't ever feel like you shouldn't share shots with us and yes cameras have excellent Image Stabilisers these days and even have stability during the time the shutter opens.

Cheers, Owen.

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Have you tried a tripod or even a single stick support (my husband uses one of these, the brand name is Manfrotto) and finds that it is a great help. Image stabilisers are also great. Tripods are good if you are set up somewhere and don't need to move around much.


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