Hi from Hungry Head Mid North Coast NSW

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Hi from Hungry Head Mid North Coast NSW

Hi guys,

I've been in here a few times and posted but have never properly introduced myself. I am a Gould and feel proud to be a bird lover with that particular name. My favourite bird is the Gouldian Finch for obvious reasons.

I live on an acreage near the sea on the Mid North Coast of NSW between Nambucca Heads and Coffs Harbour. We have an acre and a bit and are surrounded by bushland which encourages a vast array of birdlife.

My greatest joy is to sit outside early in the morning and watch the goings on of the birds. I have learnt so much over the last week and I am enormously thrilled by it. I am only new to bird watching so I will have to join the local bird group which luckily is run by a friend of mine who travels the world birdwatching.

Birds that live in, or frequent my backyard include, friarbirds, whipbirds, noisy minors, yellow tailed black cockatoos, glossy black cockatoos (the endangered red winged type that eat casuarina nuts), lorikeets, galas, crimson and eastern rosella's, bower birds, dollarbirds, pacific bazzas - crested hawke (who have nested in my yard for the last 5 years), honeyeaters, top notch pigeons, wompoo pigeons, plovers, rails, owls, wood ducks, kookaburra's and I guess I could just keep going but I won't.

I have always loved watching birds and drive my opponents crazy on the golf course. Who can concentrate when all the birdlife lift in unison and go crazy when the local osprey start flying overhead? Some people are blind to it all.

So I've found myself coming in here frequently searching for like minded people. I must post more I guess so that I can befriend you all.

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That sounds great Gouldy! How fabulous to have such a range of interesting birds on your property, especially endangered ones like the Glossy Black.
I think we're probably all a bit like you in regards to being distracted by local birdlife. In my last job I had a blue quandong tree outside my window that was just full of a whole range of birds, especially when flowering. made it hard to concentrate on the job at hand.


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Welcome, Gouldy. It's obvious you find great enjoyment in the birdlife where you live. I find birds & their environments have added a huge dimension to my life & I get the impression you're in the same boat.

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I'll buy the property off you mate!! Only joking. Massive range of birds and really interesting species in there. I would go crazy if I lived in an area like this.

Cheers, Owen.

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there are "priorities" in life Gouldi! I think we all have sinilar problems, we often get distracted. So welcome, you'll feel right at home I hope.
Take me, I almost messed up my Risotto tonight, because I heard a Fantailed Cuckoo, had to get the camera, but no luck.( Just lucky the Risotto was fine!) M-L


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