Slightly humorous bird encounter

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Slightly humorous bird encounter

I had a slightly embarrassing encounter with a King Parrot. I came to uni at 6:45am one day, and as I was walking up a path within the uni, I saw a male King Parrot in a small tree right next to me. I was absolutely thrilled, because I had never seen the parrots at my uni, and the parrot was within arm's reach.

I was so excited that I decided to take off my high-heeled shoes and step into the wet garden to take a closer look at the parrot. So, I'm standing in the garden, holding my high-heeled shoes in my hand, staring at this bird, with a stupid grin on my face. I was thinking "Good thing it's early; no-one will see me".

Then, I head voices. I looked up and saw two gardeners / facility maintenance men walking nearby. I thought that if I stood very still and very quietly, they wouldn't see me. Of course, they looked up and saw me. If I had actually been doing something (peering at the bird, trying to get a good view), it would have been ok, but instead I was just standing there like an idiot, holding my shoes. When the men saw me, I felt a bit embarrassed, and all I could say was "Uhh... there's a bird".

I must have appeared to be really intelligent ;-). I don't look like a typical birdy / garden type person, so the men were probably wondering what I was "really" doing in the garden.

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Hey Andy,
U brought a smile to my face while reading ur thread.
Poor Andy!
But U would have "made" those guys day with ur 'statue' pose, LOL.
I can totally relate to ur experience.
I was hanging the washing in the line one morning, when a male king parrot landed on my clothesline, just above my head.
I called out to my husband "come look".
I stood still while he made his way to the clothesline.
My husband brought out some sunflower seeds for the bird, who then began to eat out of my husbands' hand.
The bird stayed for awhile, till all the seed was gone.
It was one of those special moments in life.

Cheers from Green :-)

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