A weekend along the Great Ocean Road

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A weekend along the Great Ocean Road

One weekend we had a little trip along the Great Ocen Road. It wasn't very productive bird wise, but here are some shots from there.

Superb Fairy Wren

Australasian Grebe

Clamorous Reed-Warbler

Clamorous Reed-Warbler

Sulphur-crested Cockatoo

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A nice selection of pics there.  I do think the time of day is important when you are looking for birds.  They come out more at feed times, I've found.

Brisbane southside.

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Absolutely beautiful pics. I wish I could take such sharp photos! Any tips?!

Thanks for sharing, love pics 1 + 2 the most :)



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Great shots, laurius. I love the one of the bird in the reeds.

Karen, You're definitely right about time of day making a difference. To my mind early morning (i.e. the first couple of hours after dawn) is the best, followed by the hour or two before dusk. The middle of the day is often quiet, but I've found that on very hot, cloudy or windy days I see less daytime birds than on cool, sunny days.


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Yes, that's what I've found too, Tim.  There are definite "feeding times".   But its still hit or miss, whatever you do. 

Brisbane southside.

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I just love the humour in the first photo, (how far could a wren fly in 60 min?)

I think part of taking photos of birds is :waiting, waiting, w....... The other part is: ( waiting some more? Yes, that too!), as a Ranger explained to me, at home birds are used to you, they know you. Out there, they will hide from you, because they have to find out what your intentions are first. That takes time, so, more waiting.... I think you get my drift.


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