Budgies, red dirt and puddle reflections

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Budgies, red dirt and puddle reflections

This is a wonderfully common sight around Central Australia at the moment, with more rain we are hoping it continues for a while yet.

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ah, the true budgie colour


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Gorgeous! They look so neon-bright :)

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What a great sight, to think people keep them in cages makes me sad though. We should all have puddles.


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Oh Richard that is a wonderful sight to see I bet...once again thank you for sharing with us the amazing stuff you get in the centre that we can only read about ... arent they so beautiful? it makes me cringe to think of them being in cages too Marie-Louise

Sunshine Coast Queensland

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Yeah, the budgie colours provide such vivid contrast against that red dirt. Fantastic, thanks for sharing. I hope to be out photographing out that way sometime in my life. Just for the red dirt! laugh

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Yes I agree the red dirt and the colours offer a great contrast and just how I would imagine seeing them in the wild. Thanks for the photos.



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true Aussies


Great shots Richard, they look brilliant against the red earth.

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Beautiful shots Richard! The colours are amazing. I must admit I am quite jealous having never seen them in the wild!

Cheers, Owen.

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Top marks , mate yes


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Let's make May Free a Budgie month.

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Only joking. They'd need to be transported to Central Australia!


Just brilliant Richard, I have seen them in the wild nesting up at Julia creek. Your shots really show the best of the real Budgie, thanks for posting them mate.

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Thanks for the comments all. As nice as it is to see them up close, the real thrill is to see flocks of them rushing through the sky, normally chatting away. I am close to the border of QLD and the NT this week (Alpurrurulam or Lake Nash - far easier to say!:-) ) and took this photo of just one of many groups that I've been seeing. I'll be really sad when the weather turns and they dissipate to the coast again! There are roughly 70 in this photo, and when they rush across the road in front of the car, or settle in a tree next to the road, or better still, explode from a tree next to the road the colours and movement are wonderful to watch.

I've succumbed to the birding bug!
Alice Springs, NT

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Outstanding! What a contrast of colours. I'd love to live in the Centre and have these birds in my 'patch'. Thanks for sharing, Richard.


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