White-naped Honeyeaters(?)

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White-naped Honeyeaters(?)

It wasn't easy to even find them. There was a large flock of them flying in, descending very high up in a tree. I couldn't see them, but because there were that many, I thought, M-L just hold the camera up and shoot, you can look later. A few seconds later the flock flew off.

I just looked at what I've got, and yes, there are some. They did have to pick one of the taller trees, didn't they?

this one is to show what I was up against, even with a 400mm lens.

DSC03520 zoomed in on some DSC03516 (1) DSC03520 (3) they must have just been passing by, never seen any here before.

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i saw these for the first time ever in pemberton,i only got one (terrible) shot...

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great piccy's  M-L , considering the degree of diffuculty.


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Nice work M-L, these honeyeaters are a good looking bird. I saw a couple for the first time a few weeks ago, so i am aware of how hard they are to photograph.



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So pleased you were able to get these.  My camera wouldn't have caught them like this.  Not enough zooms in it.

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