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Hi All on Mon, 03/09/2012 I spoke to Timmo about building a nesting box for my Grandson as a school project to be built during the school holidays…… Well it’s all done there is not much to explain about the box it has been painted with Ecolour paint and has no Volatile Organic Compounds which I have been told by the manufacture is safe to use for nesting boxes and such like.

There are some steps on the front of the box and bird wire on the inside so the young birds or  possums can climb in and out when the time comes there is also holes in the base of the box to circulate air and the top is hinged to clean out and observe what is in side.  

I have included some pictures of the box I will now make some more to put around my yard over the next couple of months although they may not get used till next year

All feedback is welcome thank you Colbra.       

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Very neat, Colbra. I'll be interested to hear the breeding results. Some birds can breed outside spring so eyes & ears open!

Not sure about the holes in the bottom for ventilation. I suppose there are tree hollows with small holes in them near the bottom where parts of the trunk have been perforated but I imagine most tree hollows have the one hole.

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Yep holes in the bottom are good for drainage - just drill 4 or 5 small ones.


We have some plans that are just in the final stages, I hope to have them online next week.'s picture

Hi Woko thanks for your reply I shall find out a bit more about  the breeding times for the birds around my yard Woy Woy Peninusular

With the holes in the bottom of the box I just put them in as per plan, that I got off the net it was only my interpretation  of the holes being there and what  possible uses  they may serve I may put some fly screen over them to keep any snakes out what do you think

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Thanks for your comments Holly  I look forward to the nesting box plans you are going to put up. What section would you put them under. 


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That looks great Col, well done!

Here's hoping we get to hear stories of birds nesting there sometime soon smiley

I saw a pair of Pale-headed Rosellas checking out my nest box again this morning.


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I went to the AWARE Wildlife AWAREness Day yesterday and there were a lot of human made nestboxes on display and for sale and all had holes in the bottom - I think it helps for ventilation and preventing mould inside the box - it you think of nests and tree hollows (often created by insect activity) they also have plenty of ventilation around and under them.

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Looks like holes in the bottom it is! As long as the birds don't get a draft for & aft!

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I will be very interested in outcomes. What do you intend to do if indian mynahs move in? I notice that Monash Uni partly cover the entry holes of their nesting boxes with thin ply, the idea being that native parrots, possums, etc will chew away the barrier whereas indian mynahs can't get past it. (I guess a couple of wooden icy pole sticks would serve the same purpose.)

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We also have a nesting box for Pale-Headed Rosellas, currently occupied. They (I think it's the same pair) raised four chicks last year, and at least one the year before, this year the female laid six eggs but only one hatched. He (or she) has now left home, and mum has now laid another five eggs. Wow! We are waiting to see how she manages this time. We got a bit concerned as we didn't see her for a couple of days, but this morning she flew out, however her mate wasn't there to accompany her as he always used to - don't know what's going on, will have to keep an eye out.


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