Hi from Mornington Peninsular. Vic.

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Hi from Mornington Peninsular. Vic.

Hi.  I am a keen photographer, and often enjoy a coffee watching the various native birds which come into our garden for water.  We are lucky to have a bushland reserve on the back fence, and have about 30 different species come into the garden. I am looking forward to finding out more info. about them all.

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Welcome to the site, keefsmit, and Merry Christmas to you!

Mandurah, WA
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And from me, too, keefsmit. There's always something new to learn about birds so I hope you'll find your involvement on the forum satisfying.

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And a warm welcome from me.


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Thanks Wendy, and best wishes to you also


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as a newby to the forum myself i'm curious how many species people regularly see in their backyards.  you mention 30.  i see 15-20 species in a 30 minute coffee stroll every Sat morning.  usually the same ones but vagrants and nomads have built the list to 43 species in 20 years (excluding brown raptors which all look the same to me).  obviously it's environment dependent. 

i imagine the backyard suvey linked to this site could give an answer but i've always been frustrated in my efforts to contribute to it (slow or goes nowhere).

schulzzz, toolamba, vic

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