Greetings from Campbelltown NSW

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Greetings from Campbelltown NSW

Hi I am newbee, became interested in birds whilst I was home bound for 3 weeks after cracking a rib with nothing to do but sit around & there are only so many DVDs you can watch. I am surprised how addictive it is.

I look forward to using the site for IDing birds & chekcing out the forums.

This new found passion has taken me to Lord Howe Island.  Photo of a Sooty Tern below.



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Hi Donna, hope you stick around for a bit, even after your rib has healed. Welcome from one addicted to birds person to the next wink  Nice photo, keep them coming.


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Addictive is the word, Donna. Lots of people make lots of observations, ask lots of questions & give lots of answers here so I hope you'll free to contribute vigorously.

Lovely photo, too! Did you see any woodhens while you were on Lord Howe Island?

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Hi Woko, yes we were very lucky to be sitting down by one of the beaches having lunch when 2 wood hens just wandered around, they were not worried about us being there, I managed to get some photos. It was an amazing feeling.

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Nice ones, Donna. It's great to see a creature which has been brought back from the brink of extinction. (Sort of what Ms Woko says to me in the mornings.)

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good pics of a bird that 'we' almost lost


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What common native birds are in the Cambelltown region?

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