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Hi from Bendigo

Hi all, We have a few acres (Yep I'm old enought to still use acres) O/S of Bendigo and have spent 25 years setting up enough habitat on old farm land to attact quite a few native birds. Special for us is the identification of diamond firetails which stay around until winter usually. Many others stay all year, especially a few breeding pairs of New Holland HE which keep us entertained every day. We enjoy surveying the local forests and updating Birddata with what we find.  Winter pickings are a bit slim but various Robins and Whistlers can still be found. Look forward to sharing forums and photo's.  G&J

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Welcome mitzy. I had no idea there was anything else but "acres"wink Sounds like a very nice property you live on. I'm looking forward to see your photos and your comments.


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Tks Araminta, My photo's are not that good, hoping to learn something to improve them.  I am amazed by the detail in some on these forums and wonder just how they manage it.  Using a new D7100 & DX18-300 but not getting those really fine detail shots yet. 

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Welcome from me too, mitzy. For 26 years Ms Woko & I have been revegetating & doing minimum disturbance bush care on our patch of once degraded land. (We're on the south east slopes of the Mt Lofty Ranges in SA). After widely spaced & intermittent appearances we've now had a pair of diamond firetails around for about 3 months. That's one of our most exciting bird recolonisers, especially since they're at risk of extinction in the Mt Lofty Ranges (along with many other species, unfortunately!). When we first arrived here in 1987 we counted about 25 bird species. We're now up to about 135 but some of these are grassland species & since our property is mainly trees, shrubs & understorey a  number of these have moved on or only appear occasionally.

I'll be most interested to hear stories of your adventures on your Bendigo property.

Annie W
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Hi Mitzy!  Really looking forward to more of your posts - don't worry about your shots not being detailed or whatever as most of us here just enjoy sharing and seeing all that other members have to offer.  This is a great site for learning & constructive suggestion too, I know I've learnt a lot since joining a few months ago - I only started photography & photographing birds at the beginning of the year, just an old duck learning new tricks laugh.  I've just moved "teams" to a D7100 also, for now wink  Finding it a big learning curve for me, different manufacturer = diff jargon etc, controls in unfamiliar spots, but getting there slowly.  The best bit about a new hobby (or new gear), I think, is that you just have to practice wink - which is such a shame laugh.  Welcome aboard!  It's addictive....

West Coast Tasmania

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Hi Ruby, Very happy with the D7100 & nikon zoom combo but lots to learn as you say.  The VR, focussing, Auto ISO and a zillion other functions ensure we will be learning for years to come.  The 18-300mm zoom does not look to be a good lens for Birding as it is quite soft at any length over 105mm so maybe I will have to rectify that with 2nd lens.  Thanks for your comments.

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