A new visitor: Grey Shike-thrush

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A new visitor: Grey Shike-thrush

This little beauty has recently become a regular to our back yard.


Thanks david (edited to correct ID)

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Hi David, I think you have a Grey Shrike Thrush, your in NSW? Would be outside the range for a Grey Whistler. Also feel it is a little big for a whistler (guessing size based on the apple on the feeder) and the beak is longer. There is also only slight rufous colouring on the upper parts. The only thing against GST, is the slight white on the wing (EDIT the white is on the tail). If you can post a still under ID, someone will be more positive than I. Some members seem to only respond to ID under that heading, I guess that is ther interest in the forum.

GST will become quite habitual if you feed them, and will appear at regular time. They can be very vocal, until their lunch is delivered. I don't feed, but I have a couple of friends who do, you can almost set your watch by the GST every day.

Love the video, regardless of the ID


Dale Huonville, Tasmania

Annie W
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Hi David, I too am leaning towards a Grey Shrike-Thrush, for reasons as Dale has explained.  Also, the Grey Shrike-thrush has white or pale grey lores (that bit between the eye and the bill on the side of the head), as this one does, while a Grey Whistler has more of a brownish-grey brow line.  Love the video too & either way, hope this little beauty stays around for you also!

West Coast Tasmania

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Thanks for looking & your feedback Dale & Ruby, based on distribution GST comparing photos ???? I've a half decent still that I will post in the ID section. Thanks again david

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Thanks to everyone for your input & looking david

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Hi David, you don't have to ask for ID, I am 500% certain, it is a Grey Shrike Thrush. I have 3 resident ones in my garden.


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Thanks M-L they are a wonderful bird, hope there is a pair and they nest nearby. david

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