Anyone like ducklings?

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Anyone like ducklings?

Lone duckling among a large group of adult waterbirds. Fending for himself. 

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Love it Richardheart



I felt sorry for the little guy. He would come over to have a look at the commotion caused by people feeding the water birds, craftily skirt round to the front of the pack, and did alright for himself, then head off over to the other side of the pond crying out in his little whistly cheepy voice. I can't help thinking he was calling out for mum and dad but they weren't in attendance or were oblivious.

I know feeding is against your principles M-L but at least these people were using what looked to be rolled oats or rolled barley not bread like most of the imbeciles.

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Absolutely gorgeous - so very cute richman!  Poor little guy, out in the big wide world smiley  I've heard a 50/50 blend of cornmeal and rolled oats is sometimes used in the instance of an emergency feed (no longer than 24 hours because it's not a balanced diet) for rescued ducks or ducklings.  So I'd say the people feeding have definitely done much better than bread IMO yes

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