Great Site - Happy to be here

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Great Site - Happy to be here

Good morning!

Have just come across this site while trying to identify a little bird and, although I have not yet identified it, I am really enjoying all of the information here.

I have an Eastern Spinebill nest just outside my studio window and the babies have just hatched.....I'm so excited  lol

I am a new member of WIRES so am really keen to observe the nest and the progress of the babies.

I'm in the Hawkesbury region of NSW. Hope to get a photo of the little unidentified bird to post but they are just so fast!

Meanwhile, here's a photo of the new baby Spinebills I thought I'd share with you.



Forgot to add, I have a little video of the nest too  cool

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Ohhh! They are sooooo cuteheart

Welcome! I hope that you enjoy the sitesmiley

Have you posted you ID question in the Identifications thread?

Have fun!


Hi Elsie,

Thanks for the welcome. I haven't posted in the ID thread yet as I am hoping to get a photo. There are lots of them around our place and they are not shy at all, quite inquisitive actually.....except when the camera is out!

Isn't that always the way wink

Now I have found this great forum, I'm on a mission to snap one of those little guys.

Quiet Miner
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Welcome to the site and thanks for sharing the nest photo Tracey. Enjoy the great information and resources on the site.

- Graham

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Thats what happens to me! The birds are laways ding something interesting just when I don't have the camerasmiley

I hope that you can get a photo soonsmiley

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