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Dear Environmental Educators,

Many of those who will first use this forum have attended a series of Sydney-based workshops held by Birds in Backyards to disseminate the findings of our recent environmental trust-funded project, "Does biodiversity education work?". At those workshops, we informed you that we would provide a forum for you to connect with each other and remain in contact with us, in order to discuss resources and ideas for delivering effective environmental education. Feel free to discuss Birds in Backyards materials, but by all means use the forum to discuss anything and everything relating to environmental education delivery. Birds in Backyards feels that the best way for us to deliver effective education is to share ideas and resources which will inspire and motivate all of us. 

Looking forward to many interesting discussions!

Birds in Backyards team

Quiet Miner
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Dear Sara/Holly,

Do you hold any of these workshops in Melbourne?



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Hi Graham

We are based in Sydney so most of our training work happens out of here unfortunately - we do want to spread our wings though! Drop me an email, BirdLife Australia's head office is in Melbourne so I am down there a couple of times a year. We might be able to tee something up?




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