Perfect weather

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Perfect weather

Yesterday was just the best weather in Canberra, so spent the whole day out birding in different locations.

While at Mulligans Flat i got swooped for about 300m by a crazy Magpieangry

Then when i was getting closer to the big dam a Lapwing thought it would be fun to do the same.

But i got 2 new birds for my list (Little Grassbird and Horsfields Bronze-Cuckoo) (168) and saw two Echidna.

Echidna-1945 by rawshorty, on Flickr">[/url] Echidna-1945 by rawshorty, on Flickr



Echidna-1953 by rawshorty, on Flickr">[/url] Echidna-1953 by rawshorty, on Flickr

Annie W
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Sounds like a ripper of a day Shorty, despite the aerial attacks laugh  Awwww, Echidna are my are wombats, quoll....o.k., so I don't have an actual favourite.  Was hoping to go up to Cradle Mt area today to seek out some Echidna - went a few weeks ago, but still a little early in the season - but not looking like it's going to happen crying.  Yep, I quite like winter, but even I'm starting to get annoyed by the constant gloom!  Excellent shots - he looks like a fairly big fella?

West Coast Tasmania

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Thanks, Ruby. Yeah he was quite large and not shy at all, he just ignored me and kept digging up ants nests. It was a challenge trying to take photos of him with the Lapwing swooping me.

Shorty......Canon gear


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Great photos Shorty. Echidnas are not shy,  they are almost blind and as far as I know their hearing isn't up to scratch either. If you don't move ,they will keep on doing what they do. They detect the vibrations in the ground and quickly digg themselves in.

I have a resident one in my garden. Last year I just stood still and waited for her(?), she started to sniff my shoes and then my jeans. She had no idea there was a mean human like me stuck in those jeans. That's how blind they are. After enough sniffing, she just walked off.

One of my nicest experiences.


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Lucky you didn't have ants in your pants!

I have a few of these around too.  They mostly seem to try and hide when I get near them, but sometimes they look straight at me and ignore me.

- soakes

Olinda, Victoria, Australia


Hey Shorty that sounds like a new chapter in "The Getting."

Ants on ya pants, standing on one leg shaking them off while ducking the swooping birds and trying to focus on the Echidna while he is running around chasing ants up yer trouser leg...  Priceless.

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