This is shocking! Warning, some cruelty depicted

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This is shocking! Warning, some cruelty depicted

The terrible things we inflict on birds. I know those chickens are potentialy dangerous for humans as they might carry a deadly virus. But the way they are killed is horrible .They say it's quick, that's if you think 30 minutes choking to death on some foam is quick.

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I love the wording of the document. "Depopulation" seems to be their favourite. How about instead of "mass depopulation" they substitue "mass murder"? And maybe a few well placed adverbs as well. May I suggest 'hideously'?

I understand that killing the birds can be neccessary in certain situations. But this seems like a extraordinarily cruel and inhumane way to do so. And I don't event want to risk looking at their 'Gallery'. 

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Yes chooks don't exactly get good treatment anywhere. Seeing them tied up half dead in a hot humid asian market doesn't make me hungry for chicken. As Gandhi inferred you can judge a society by the way it treats its animals. Only yesterday I sent one of my bird photos (white-throated honeyeater) to a friend in China. She said she liked the photo and commented that similar birds were barbecued in Guangzhou.

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