Does anyone use a Fuji Fine Pix camera?

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Does anyone use a Fuji Fine Pix camera?

Does anyone here us a Fuji Fine Pix camera for bird photography?  If so, I am wanting to know what settings would be best to use with that camera when using it for bird photography.  I'm having trouble getting the right zoom and lighting.  

If you need any additional info on the camera, just let me know.                                                                       I'd be happy to chat with anyone who could help. smiley

Here is a picture of the camera below, a photo I got off the internet. 

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The first camera I used for birding was a Fine Pix (S7000), so probably a lot older than what you're using. They're really fixed zoom cameras. It's be nice to know what model you have. I presume it is a fixed zoom camera?

What exactly do you mean by the right zoom and lighting? Are you having problems getting close to the bird and getting a sharp photo?  


The full model name is Fujifilm FinePix s4800.  It's not a fixed zoom camera. 

Whether due to the camera or lack of knowledge on how to use the settings, I can't seem to be able to get a decent, close up sharp photo.  

The camera is a few years old, but I've never used it that much up until now, and am just wondering whether you would have an idea of the best setting.  Or would it be due to the camera's age? It's in reasonably good condition. 

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I thought that most of the Finepix Series weren't Interchangeable Lens Cameras? I should have been a bit clearer, by fixed zoom, I meant you have one lens attached to the front of the camera permanently. Sorry! sad

Just because it's a few years old doesn't mean it isn't any good. Most cameras with anything this side of about 8-10 megapixels are fine. Below that your photos will still look fine, but you can really crop much, and can't enjoy the bundless pleasures of pixel peeping. Sure, cameras are incrementally getting better, and over the last decade or so that has really begun to add up. But still, most older cameras are no slouch featurewise, and thr s4800 certainly should be fine. 

One note about bridge cameras is that they often have an electronic zoom option. Ignore it- just use the optical zoom (30x). 

Could you please post some of your unsharp photos, or describe them. There are many things that can degrade an image's quality, and it's easier to tell from a photo. 

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Whoops, double post!


Here are a few examples.  As you can see, both pictures are taken in shade.  Thats where I seem to be having the most problems.  The camera often doesn't let me use flash unless I'm in a dark enviroment, and it won't focus properly either. 


By fixed zoom, I thought you meant a set zoom.  But yes, the camera does a permanently attached lens. 

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Sorry about the confusion...sad
How much control do you have over the ISO, aperture and shutter speed? Different types of bridge cameras allow differing levels of control. To me, it looks like you're having trouble keeping a high enough shutter speed- the second photo looks like it has a bit of motion blur. That could be from either the subject moving or you moving. As the s4800 should be reasonably easy to hold still, it's probably the subject moving. A general rule for shutter speed is that you want it to be >= focal length. But that may be difficult to achieve if your camera only allows you limited control... 

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I just had a quick look through the manual for your camera and it seems that there is not a lot you can control on it.

Do you have a Manual? If not here is a link to the manual online.

You can make the camera use the flash, there is a button on the side of the flash to make it pop up, and then set it to force flash, page 37 in the manual.

There doesn't seem to be a way to tell the camera what to focus on so maybe try face detection mode (page 32) i don't know if it will work on birds, but no harm trying.

Shorty......Canon gear



Thanks for the tips everyone, they've been really helpful.  I'll try it out rawshorty - and hopefully it'll work .

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Hi oliviatester 10. I have almost the same camera but it is a S4200. I've been trying to figure my camera's settings and I have the exact same problem. Actually, of late, my camera seems to be getting worse. Photos are blurry, nothing much in focus, etc.Birds are impossible to get a half decent photo of. It all started out fine when the camera was new then a heap of mechanical problems (I think) started happening. 

The only decent setting I've found on the camera is the Custom setting. It takes far better photos in that mode than even in the auto mode. As long as you don't point the camera anywhere near the sun it will take pretty good scenery photos too. 

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