Zebra Finch

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Zebra Finch

Its a lot of hard work to look your best 

All done ... don't we all look good!

(Zebra finches on a fence near Parramatta river)

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Cute photos ,Zebs were the first bird I kept as a boy and I will always have a soft spot for them ,but Im yet to see them in the wild

Rick N
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Lovely and cute as. Love the last shot,there's always one non conformist.smiley


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Rick N wrote:

Love the last shot,there's always one non conformist.smiley

Yep, always one kid at the end of the row that mucks up the class photo.

Had another sabotaged a photo too - look what he did!.

Rick N
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That's too nice a photo not to do a very small selective removalsmiley

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Cute pics. laugh

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Just gorgeousyes how they is one in every gap in the fence.

I only saw my first ones a few weeks ago close to Werribee. Other people have seen hundreds at the Treatment Plant.



Thanks for the comments

Yes they like that fence Araminta, there was a small flock of 15 or so zebra fiches. The fence has been there while a new sub-division is being built.  I have seen goldfinches, double barrs, red browed, zebras, cisticolas, wrens, nutmeg mannikens, swallows, wagtails all enjoying perching on that fence at various times.    

Annie W
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Those shots are just far too cute, all lined up in a row like that!  And the single shot, wow (regardless of his "present")laugh wonderful!  Such a beautiful bird, so envious you have these wonderful little finches WD!

West Coast Tasmania

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Just found this .... what a beautiful sequence ... they look like they are part of a patchwork quilt!!!

Sunshine Coast Queensland

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