White-winged fairy wren

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White-winged fairy wren

Excited to get yet another bird to cross off my list yesterday. Had to travel just over a hour to get there but worth every minute of it . Was ever so lucky as there was quite a few females jumping around in the bushes but I only got to see one male for half the day I was there. Truly gorgeous little thing with a cheeky character busy the whole time catching bugs for lunch. Here are a few I took.

White-winged fairy wren male:Female:

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How exciting!!! I just love the one of him on the wireheart Great job!

Rick N
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Great shots Shoop, love the first with what looks like delicate grip on lunch.

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Wow, that is really exciting Shoop ..... how I wish I had been into birding when I lived in WA.  THey are exquisite ...great work!!

Sunshine Coast Queensland

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What lovely shots Shoop. I saw them a few times in WA but it was very difficult to get a decent photo as they did not stay out of the bushes for very long. Certainly more females than males and quite a difficult colour to capture with those white wings. Great job, sue


What a beautiful bird - so many shades of vivid blues/purples there. Wonderful photos. 

Annie W
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Ohhh, just delicious shoop!  How exciting, and hour is just around the corner, really laugh  The male is so handsome, and the females look so dainty and girly.  They seem to have super long looking tails.  What a fabulous set of shots!!

West Coast Tasmania

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Just over an hour? i had to travel for 5 hours to see my first one. They are beautifull birds and well capturedsmiley

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